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New Perspective - Everything you need

Let us open your world with fresh ideas and options for your existing or even just planned Business.

Included in your presentation

For your second session, we will come fully overloaded with ideas, suitable options, details and a vision. We warn you; it’s infectious.


How we see your business as a new online user, customer. Including couple of relevant numbers which will enable you to measure the growth in the future.

Tips and tricks

After we have the overview, we give you useful tips and “how-to”s to improve the customer experience. The goal is to make everything as congruent as possible.

List of option

We will tailor just for you a list of options, possibilities, ideas, step by step workarounds how you could grow your business, gain more visitors and make more sales.

Tools and resources

We provide you a list of useful tools and resources that would help you achieve your goals under the list of options bespoken. We don’t let you just hang there.

Additional costs?

Not necessarily! We will try our best to get a range of tools for free or low cost to pricy ones. We do this to ensure you can make an educated decision regarding what’s the best for you and works for your business.

Existing customers

Don’t forget about your biggest asset, the people who already chose you. We will try to make them come back as often as possible.

What we believe in

Our Vision is to help at least 100 business owners to reach more customers online, to open the online world for indiviuals. Creating residual online income is not a myth anymore.It takes a couple of things to succed, but it's not impossible anymore. We believe in:


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for FREE
About your business
Know your numbers
Your Vision
Your Plans
Your doubts

Second Session

Still FREE
Tips and tricks
Tools / resources
How To

Follow up
if needed

£50 / session
Checking the numbers
Checking the Progress
Check Procrastinations
Brainstorming new ideas
Support / Help

Ongoing Project

Depends on your Business
Different by each company
Help in daily tasks
Weekly calls to check in
Ongoing brainstorming
Step by step guidance

Where we are

We are based in Grays, Thurrock area in Essex. If you live here or in this area we could arrange a personal meeting.
If not, don’t worry! We have this clever thing called the internet. We can arrange a skype call, Google hangout or even a normal call if you are in the UK.

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World Wided? No Problem!

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Let’s get started with our mission to give value. Please find below a couple of clever tools to start with the Clickbenefit experience today.

Productivity Sheet

A really good way to stop procrastination is to have your goals in front of you every day, all day. Do what needs to be done first thing in the morning and never get overwhelmed again! Grab the sheet, print it, take a moment to fill out and start being awesome productive!

Feedback Analysis

Making short, mid-term and long-term goals is important. Make notes, have the date and how you plan to do it. After a while, go back and write yourself feedback on how it went. How you solved the issue or maybe why it hasn’t been accomplished yet.

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